The top three most common grasses in Florida are-
-Bahia which is the cheapest and thinnest.
-St Augustine which used to be the most common, but has since been found to require a large amount of water and is not drought or disease tolerant.
-Zoysia is the new boy in town. It is a thick, soft grass that does well in our climate.  It is by far the easiest of the three to maintain.

St Augustine Grass

St Augustine Grass

There are many different types of each grass.

Bahia grass

Bahia Grass


Zoysia Grass

Sod prices for install in POLK County area.

St Augustine (500sq ft per pallet) and Bahia (400 sq ft per pallet)

1-2 pallets 65c per sq ft

3-4 pallets 60c per sq ft

5 + pallets 55c per sq ft


Zoysia (500 sq ft per pallet)

1-2 pallets 75c per sq ft

3-4 pallets 70c per sq ft

5 + pallets 65c per sq ft

All prices include material and installation.

The above prices are only a guide and may change due to availability or reasons beyond our control. Please call for a FREE estimate.

Palm Trees

Pigmy Date Palm


Canery Island Date Palm


Bismark Palm


California Fan Palm


Foxtail Palm


Queen Palm

Indian Date Palm


Areca Palm


Bottle Palm


European Palm


King Palm


Sago Palm

Pindo Jelly Palm


Bamboo Palm


Cabbage Palm



FiJI Fan Palm


Majesty Palm

Citrus Trees

Large trees (approx 4-5ft high x 3-4ft wide)

Navel orange (eating)

Valencia Orange (eating)

Lemon Eureka (eating)

Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles in stock.

Shrub $5  pink/ white/ red

Small $10 Coral / Plum

Medium $20 Red

Large $50 Red / pink 

Landscape Block / Edging

a and r 13868

Oldcastle 14914 retaining wall block sand or peach


a and r 184685  

Brick edging flat. other colors available


 a and r 68682 changed to 477066

Fulton edging block 182129 red



a and r 346691

a and r 303232




Red Edging stone 382988





 Brick edging on end 45 in a number of colors

Paving Slabs   




Waterfalls/ Fountains


Fiber Optic waterfall 1,2,3 or 4ft


Patios / driveways

Pavers  (wet look) seal coat


Landscape Lighting

Decrotive Concrete (Textured) Many textures, styles and custom designs available.


   Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Kitchens 


Fire Pits
















natural step waterfall


 Wet look slabs before and after.




















Kitchens are custom desinged and built. You can add and remove items to suit your needs. Prices will vary depending on items used. 















Lion heads antique copper look



























Other services Offered by D.S Property Management Corporation.

Powerwashing, Pool Service , repair and renovation, Pest control for homes and yards.